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Her CEO Journey Podcast: The Circular Approach

Plaine Products CEO Lindsey McCoy and COO Alison Webster were recently featured on the Her CEO Journey: The Business Finance Podcast for Mission-Driven Women Entrepreneurs.

Her CEO Journey Podcast

Her CEO Journey: The Business Finance Podcast for Mission-Driven Women Entrepreneurs is a weekly show where host, Christina Sjahli and her featured guests explore the financial and business challenges women face on the entrepreneurial journey to success. You’ll hear them talk about the money side of their businesses in ways you’ve always wanted to know about, but wouldn’t dare ask. They openly share their disappointments, failures, successes, and everything in-between as they grew sales ranging from 6 to 9 figures. Knowing where your business stands financially helps you make critical decisions with confidence. It’s simply the best way to be sure you grow a business that fuels the life you want to live.

PODCAST EPISODE: The Circular Approach: Decreasing Plastic Waste with a Sustainable Business — The Journey of Plaine Products

Ali & Lindsey

We had fun chatting with Christina Sjahli on Her CEO Journey podcast: The Business Finance Podcast for Mission-Driven Women Entrepreneurs.

3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. You will find out how much plastic waste has been damaging our planet and how we can make a difference.

  2. Learn how to face the challenges of innovating and financing your product, from research to development.

  3. Take inspiration from Lindsey and Alison’s business journey — from scaling a sustainable business to providing solutions!


“There’s something every day, it seems, that we could innovate and make better.”

You can also listen and download here:



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