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New Citrus Lavender Scent & New Lotion and Hand Wash are here!

We are thrilled to announce that our new products, body lotion and hand wash, are available in the shop! We’ve also added a citrus lavender scent option to our shampoo and conditioners!

Our new scent leaves your hair feeling fresh, clean and lightly scented with citrus and soothing lavender. The citrus lavender scent is available in our 16 oz bottles and our 2.5 oz shampoo and conditioner travel size. The travel size also work perfectly as a sample if you want to try out the new scents before you purchase a larger bottle. Remember, our travel size are reusable! You can refill them with our 16 oz bottle or with any other products.

Body Lotion and Hand Wash Are Here!lotion and hand wash

Besides our new scent, we now offer two totally new products: body lotion and hand wash

It’s the body lotion you’ve been waiting for! Our hydrating rosemary, mint, vanilla lotion will soothe your skin and is light wrought to be used every day. A rich blend of pure aloe and rose hips oil makes this lotion an extraordinary skin conditioner. Daily use will improve skin’s texture and appearance.

Our citrus lavender hand wash is the perfect kitchen and bath companion. Gently wash away germs and bacteria without the use of harsh chemical detergents. The hand wash rinses easily and leaves skin fresh, clean and lightly scented with citrus and soothing lavender.

Coupon Code to try the New Products

To try out our new products or the new lavender citrus scent, use the coupon code NEW for 20% off through the end of November.

Give them as a gift to a parent, friends, or try out our new products for yourself! Please feel free to share the coupon code with others who might be interested in an easy way to use less plastic.

As always, thanks for joining the packaging revolution and helping ensure there are less plastic bottles in the world. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these brand new items!


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