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BUYmeONCE Excellence Awards – Most Innovative

We’re thrilled to announce that Plaine Products has been awarded “Most Innovative” in the Inaugural BUYmeONCE Excellence Awards!

Recognizing brands that are at the very best in their commitment to sustainability, durability, exceptional aftercare and eco-innovation, we are rubbing shoulders with some amazing brands with this award. (Fancy meeting you here, Patagonia).

About BuyMeOnce

BuyMeOnce is an online retailer that has spent the last few years researching and sharing the longest-lasting products in the world. Dedicated to disrupting wasteful business practices, their ultimate goal is to force a change within our throwaway culture. BuyMeOnce highlights products you only need to buy once in your lifetime. They are based in the UK and USA.

In 2019 BuyMeOnce established their inaugural Excellence Awards to celebrate the brands and organizations that are putting the planet first and rejecting the throwaway retail culture. And we won Most Innovative in the Health and Beauty Category!

Why We Were Chosen

Here’s what they had to say about us:

“Plaine Products’ range is completely chemical free with ingredients checked through the Environmental Working Group’s database to ensure they are safe and non-toxic. However, it’s their dedication to reducing plastic consumption that impressed us here at BuyMeOnce; they also encourage their customers to return their reusable aluminum bottles by providing a free return label.”


In addition, they are planting an evergreen oak tree in our honor. “Oak trees are one of the longest living species with some living over 1000 years and will be our way of congratulating and supporting those brands who are doing the most to secure the future of our planet.” How cool is that?!


Thank you so much, BuyMeOnce, for this honor!



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