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Book Giveaway: All We Can Save

We want to help you build your environmental, sustainable, zero waste personal library with all of the best zero waste resources and environmental inspiration! We’ve started a book giveaway where every 6 weeks or so we will be giving away a book that will help you on your zero waste journey whether through inspiration or concrete suggestions.

A few weeks ago we gave away 2 copies of Kathryn Kellogg‘s 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste as our first book. In 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste, Kellogg provides an accessible guide to household waste reduction through tips, DIY recipes, and advice for responsible consumption and making better choices. Plus, we get a shout out on page 99 – what’s not to love?!


This week, we are giving away All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K. Wilkinson, two climate leaders we totally fan girl over.

This inspiring anthology of essays, poems and art highlights the expertise of dozens of diverse women who are leading the climate movement. All We Can Save is a guide for knowing what has been done to the world while giving us the truth, courage, and solutions to save all we can. It is, according to Rolling Stone, “a mosaic that honors the complexity of the climate crisis like few, if any, books on the topic have done yet.”

Some of our favorite parts of the book

All of the essays and poems in All We Can Save are awesome! These are just a few that stood out for us:

– Naomi Klein’s essay “On Fire”. We loved her book, it’s a great call to action.
 – Kate Marvel’s essay “A Handful of Dust”.  This is a great piece about the interconnectedness of it all. Dr. Marvel is a climate scientist, a realist and is hilarious on Twitter.
– “Collards Are Just as Good as Kale” by Heather McTeer Toney. She is Senior Director of  Moms Clean Air Force and this is a great piece on environmental justice and intersectional environmentalism.
– “A Field Guide For Transformation” by Leah Stokes provides clear action steps on how we’re going to fix the climate crisis.  She’s also got a great new podcast, A Matter of Degrees, with the co-editor of the book Katherine Wilkinson. (Side note, the other co-editor, Ayana Elizabeth Johnson also has a podcast, How to Save A Planet.)
Additionally, we love the highlights, underlines, and asterisk throughout the book that highlight key statistics, insights, and key terms. Such a cool feature!

This book is full of insightful, thoughtful pieces that will inspire you to step up and take action. It will make a great addition to your library! You can purchase your own copy here or head to Instagram or Facebook for your chance to enter the book giveaway, which also includes some favorite Plaine Products.






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