Plaine Product’s First Sustainability Report!

Plaine Products is proud to publish our first-ever Plaine Products Sustainability Report highlighting our accomplishments for 2017 and our goals for the future. Plaine Products was founded to help solve the plastic problem. Globally, we produce 300 million tons of plastic waste every year, 78% of which is NOT reclaimed or recycled. 8 million tons […]

Are Bioplastics the Answer to Our Plastic Waste Problem?

Did you ever stop to think about how that plastic water bottle you are drinking from comes from the same resource as the gasoline in your car? Yes, plastic is the third most commonly used product derived from petroleum. In fact, about 6-7% of every barrel of oil is used to make plastics! We are […]

Top Challenges Hoteliers Face in Reducing Single-Use Plastics

We are happy to host this guest post by Jo Hendrickx of Travel Without Plastic. Travel Without Plastic was created to support hotels around the world in reducing or eliminating single-use plastic from their operations without compromising health and safety or the guest experience. Their goal is to prevent one billion items of plastic from […]

5 Gyres Coral Triangle Expedition, Updates from Asia

5 Gyres Coral Triangle Expedition

To continue studying the impact of plastic in our oceans, the 18th 5 Gyres Coral Triangle Expedition was recently undertaken. They sailed over 700 nautical miles between Komodo National Park and Lombok Island, through Indonesia’s Coral Triangle. In 16 days they collected 42 microplastic samples in surface waters using a manta trawl, did 16 beach clean […]

Surfrider’s Ocean Friendly Program: How Restaurants Are Reducing Single-Use Plastic

As the old saying goes “You are what you eat.” But marine wildlife like seabirds, dolphins, fish, and turtles should not be faced with swallowing the single-use plastic remnants of our meals. With now over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean, one group decided to tackle this issue right at the source. The […]