5 Facts about Plastic Recycling & Pollution

plastic recycling & pollution

People often wonder why Plaine Products uses aluminum bottles instead of plastic ones. Our friends at Eco Green Love created an infographic about plastic recycling & pollution that is a great explanation. While plastic is an easier, and cheaper, way to bottle products there are other costs to consider. Costs to our oceans, our heath, and our marine life […]

Three Things to Help You Travel Sustainably

travel sustainably

It’s almost summer and everyone has travel on the brain. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. But trying to travel sustainably brings its own set of challenges. Especially if you like to travel light. Here are three things that make it easier to travel sustainably. Carry along a reusable water bottle. Even […]

5 Ways to Shop Smarter for the Planet

shop smarter for the planet

Every time we buy something we make a choice. A choice between something that’s better or worse for the planet and ourselves. Sugary drinks in a single use plastic bottle? Worse for us and the planet. Refiling our reusable water bottle, better for both. It extends beyond impulse choices. Chemical-free, locally sourced, and sustainably packaged products […]