How to go Plastic-Free this Halloween

Trick or Treat! Halloween is coming and there is no shortage of Halloween plastic from plastic trick-or-treat bags, plastic pumpkins, plastic decorations, plastic costumes, to plastic candy wrappers. However, with a few small changes, we can reduce the amount of Halloween plastic used and wasted during this time of year. We’ve got great ideas for […]

Happy Autumn Giveaway!

Happy Autumn! We’re celebrating the changing seasons with a marvelous giveaway worth over $330! We’ve partnered with 6 amazing brands for a sustainable, environmentally friendly giveaway! One lucky winner will be able to win:   Six bars of decadent chocolates and three truffle bags from Alter Eco One pair of Smoke Grey + Dark Grey […]

Nonprofits We Support: Plastic Ocean Project

Plaine Products has a mission to reduce waste in the world and help eliminate single-use plastics. By offering natural products in aluminum bottles we provide an easy alternative to plastic. We also support nonprofit partners that are working towards the same mission. One of the nonprofits we support is the Plastic Ocean Project.   The […]

Best Loofah Options for Your Skin and the Environment

When most of us think about our time in the shower, we envision an oasis where we can get some peace and quiet to balance out our hectic day. To de-stress, some people enjoy massage showerheads or fragrant shampoo and soap, while others love to exfoliate their skin with a loofah or bath pouf. However, […]