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Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, No Tears

Biodegradable, Sulfate-Free, No Tears: 3 Key Features of Plaine Products

While Plaine Products was originally created to be an easy way to avoid single use plastic, during our start up process we became committed to providing quality, natural products inside those containers. That means our products are good for the planet and for your health. Using ingredients from nature has other benefits. Our products are biodegradable, sulfate-free, no tears and Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, No Tearsvegan.

Biodegradable, Sulfate-Free, No Tears and a Better Blow Out?

Keeping harsh chemicals out of the products does mean our products are good for the earth but they are also good for your hair. According to a journalist who has gone sulfate-free the change has had lots of benefits. Sulfates have “come under attack for causing frizziness (especially in curly hair) and damaging colored hair. After dying your hair or receiving a chemical treatment (such as a Keratin or Brazilian blowout), salons will often recommend a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to maintain the style.” Being sulfate-free is probably one of the reasons so many curly haired people love our shampoo and conditioner.

Natural ingredients also mean no irritants for the eyes. We received this unsolicited Facebook comment: “Just wanted to let you know that tried your shampoo and conditioner on my 2 year old’s hair. I haven’t been having good luck with her baby shampoos. It’s perfect! I know you don’t advertise it as such, but thus far it’s been “no tears.” It rinses easily, and is seriously doing a number on her cradle cap. Thanks for producing a great product that I can feel good about using for so many reasons.”

Biodegradable is good for our watersheds

Our responsibility to the planet doesn’t end when our products go down the drain. We asked one of our Plaine Promoters, Jen Webster, who has a BLA in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Sustainable Environments, why biodegradability mattered to her. She said, “When you visit somewhere like Patagonia on a hiking adventure, you come prepared to leave no pollution behind. Plaine Products enables the consumer to apply this way of thinking to their local ecosystems and watershed on a daily basis.”

She also sent us a definition from Cascadia Travel.Biodegradable literally means that the ingredients used in the soap can be
broken down naturally by bacteria, rather than remaining in the soil. A soap is generally considered to be biodegradable as long as at least 90% of it breaks down into water, carbon dioxide and biological material within six months of being discarded. Many non-biodegradable soaps contain chemicals which are almost impossible to break down naturally. They are also impossible to filter out during water treatment. The result is that lakes and rivers become polluted with these chemicals which upset the natural balance of the water. When phosphates find their way into lakes they can cause an overgrowth of algae, known as an algal bloom. This uses up all of the oxygen in the water causing the other animals and plants to die in large numbers.

Ever use an outdoor shower? It’s one of the things I miss most about living in The Bahamas. That water is going straight into the ground, no chance for it to be processed or filtered. They are so many places a biodegradable formula makes a difference.

Why does being biodegradable, sulfate-free, no tears matter?

At Plaine Products it’s not just enough to have a sustainable container. The contents have to be sustainable too. For the health of our planet and our bodies.


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