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Announcing: Unscented Skin Care!

When we launched our Unscented line back in February 2021, we had no idea you all would love it so much! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes ever since then to create even more unscented products for you. And now we can welcome two new products to the unscented face care line: Face Wash and Face Moisturizer!


Our Unscented Face Wash and Face Moisturizer join the line alongside our shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion. The products are formulated with the same natural and toxin-free formulas you love, and without any essential oils, making it perfect for all skin types, sensitive skin included!


Our Formulasmodel applying unscented face moisturizer

Our Face Wash gently cleanses skin while removing dirt, oil and impurities. This formula leverages the power of aloe and vitamin C to refine skin’s tone and texture, and fight signs of aging.


Our Moisturizer is blended with potent antioxidants and nutrients, like apricot, water lily, and more. With daily use, you’ll see softer skin, less texture, and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.


Why Unscented?

Most labels on personal care products will list “fragrance” as an ingredient, but rarely elaborate on what that fragrance might be. Most times, this additive can cause reactions for those with sensitive skin, but serves no real purpose other than to mask the smell of the other ingredients. Here at Plaine Products, we’re proud to offer unscented versions of many of our products, so you don’t have to choose between sustainability and comfort. 


As always, you can try a patch test to make sure these products work for you!


What other new products would you like to see from Plaine Products? Let us know by connecting with us on social at @PlaineProducts! 


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