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Plaine Products Unscented shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion

Announcing: Unscented Product Line

You asked. We listened. We have received countless requests for unscented products and we are thrilled to announce that our long-awaited Unscented Line is now available!

Our Unscented line includes full size and travel size Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, and Body Lotion! The products are formulated with the same natural and toxin-free formulas you love, but without any essential oils. Thus making it perfect for all skin types, sensitive skin included!

Why You May Want To Try Unscented Products

Ever wonder why your skin might be getting irritated by your body wash, lotion, or even your shampoo and conditioner?  Did you switch to all-natural products and are still experiencing skin irritation from them?  The solution to your problem may be in the ingredients – or what’s not in the ingredients!  

Fragrance in Products

If you look at the ingredients in many mainstream shampoos, conditioners, body washes, lotions, or styling products, chances are you’ll see an ingredient called “fragrance.” This ingredient is what makes up the scent of the product.  Companies typically won’t list the specific ingredients in this “fragrance” in order to protect their formula from being used by other companies.  This protects them but what about the consumer?  If we don’t know what’s in this ingredient, then how do we know what we’re putting on our body?  Short answer: we don’t. 

Here at Plaine Products, the ingredients making up the scent of our products are natural essential oils. You can learn more about our plant based ingredients on our website. Essential oils are what we use for our wonderful scents, Rosemary Mint Vanilla or Citrus Lavender. It’s also all that we took out to create our new unscented line.

Unscented vs. Fragrance-Free

back of a Plaine Products bottle showing ingredients listUnscented and fragrance-free can mean two very different things.  If you have discovered that your skin gets irritated by the fragrances in products, you may have switched to products that are labeled “unscented” or “fragrance-free.”  This can be quite misleading if you don’t check the ingredients closely.  Oftentimes, products labeled “unscented” still have “fragrance” listed in the ingredients on the bottle.  This is because these products will literally have no scent and in order to achieve that, companies have included masking ingredients to hide the natural scent of the ingredients in their products. 

Fragrance-free products on the other hand will typically have no “fragrance” listed in the ingredients, therefore, these products will still have a scent, but it will be from the ingredients that make up the product.  However, as the consumer make sure you’re always checking the ingredients list on products before you buy them because some unscented products may actually be fragrance-free, and some fragrance-free products may still have “fragrance” in them!

Effects Fragrances can Have on Your Skin and Scalp

Those of us with sensitive skin, preexisting skin conditions, allergies, or even a hypersensitive sense of smell can get very irritated by the ingredients in fragrances or even by essential oils.  If you don’t have a preexisting skin condition and aren’t aware of any irritations you might get, there is one common condition many people experience from fragrances or essential oils.  It is known as contact dermatitis.  This is a form of eczema, so after prolonged use of a product, your skin may start to develop an eczema-like rash.  This is one reason why patch testing a product is a great idea!  Many times, essential oils or the unknown ingredients in “fragrances” can be the culprit for irritation. Which is why an unscented or fragrance-free product may be the best option.

Introducing Plaine Products’ Unscented Line!

Plaine Products’ unscented products are now available!  For those with sensitive skin, allergies or sensitivities to smells, this line was created with you in mind! Our unscented line is full of the natural, toxin-free ingredients you’ve come to love and free of any fragrance. The only difference in the ingredients list will be the lack of essential oils. Thankfully for you, here at Plaine Products, unscented means fragrance-free!  

Unscented Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash held by a woman wrapped in a blue towel



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