Every piece of plastic that has ever been made still exists. Think about that. Then know that globally, we produce 300 million tons of plastic waste every year, 78 percent of which is NOT reclaimed or recycled. That’s a lot of plastic.
Founded by two sisters, Lindsey and Alison Delaplaine, Plaine Products began with a dream to have less plastic waste in the world.
Lindsey spent 10 years living and working in the Bahamas. There she saw first hand the consequences of our disposable lifestyle with plastic on the beach, in the ocean, and along the roads. After looking around her bathroom and realizing how much plastic she owned, she called Alison and they started talking about how to change that, and how to make it easy for others to do the same.
Plaine Products is the culmination of our life experiences. Our late father was a small business entrepreneur throughout his life, a part of his family’s tradition, and our mother shared her love of the ocean and travel with us and our children. Coming from a nonprofit background Lindsey has made a career out of finding solutions. Alison has small business experience, a design degree and the natural ability to ensure quality control. As sisters we work well together and provide a balance for each other that benefits the company and our customers.
The children of Plaine Product’s founders on Junk Beach in The Bahamas. It was scenes like this that inspired the sisters to start Plaine Products.
We spent a year researching natural products until we found some whose quality amazed us while staying true to our rule of being chemical-free. We run all of our ingredients through the Environmental Working Group’s database to make sure they are safe and non-toxic.
The shampoo bottles thrown out every year in the U.S. could fill 1,164 football fields.
We’ve tried and personally approved all of our products. Not only do we use them, our kids and husbands use them, along with our extended family and friends. We want to hear from you too. Send us an email through the contact page with your thoughts! We are always open to suggestions and ideas.
If you like our products please help spread the word by joining Plaine Promoters, our ambassador program, or telling your friends and family, sharing the love on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. With your support we can help reduce the amount of single use plastics in the world and create a revolution in packaging.

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