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ecofriendly gift ideas

5 Great Ecofriendly Gift Ideas

Would you like your gift giving to be a statement, a lifestyle promotion and a part of changing our culture towards ecofriendly living? We have some great ecofriendly gift ideas for you that will show your loved ones that you care about them and the environment. Whether it’s a birthday, a holiday or just because, we can make a difference through our gifting!

We included ecofriendly gift ideas that our loved ones need on a daily basis, so you’re not just giving stuff. These are things they can actually use! When you’re going to give a gift, trying finding the most ecofriendly version of it makes gifting like a treasure hunt.

5 Great Ecofriendly Gift Ideas

Boodywear makes bamboo undies, casual and workout clothing. Fast fashion is one of the biggest polluters on the planet and our throwaway style is depleting the precious natural resources future generations need to survive. To bring this point home even more, most fast fashion uses sweatshop labor because they are constantly producing new stuff as cheap and quick as possible. When it comes to something we need daily, underwear and clothes are certainly high on that list! They also have baby clothes which means this is an ecofriendly gift idea for all sorts of occasions. 

This hipster gift is great for men or women. It’s a reusable razor! Americans throw out 2 billion disposable razors each year. The WowE razor also has a bamboo handle (I’m sensing a theme here). It goes for $21.97 and they offer free shipping in the US. It comes with 5 free blades. This is a very inexpensive gift for someone who has a soft spot for mother nature.

Brush with Bamboo continues with the bamboo theme. These toothbrushes are a great gift for any occasion and will inspire people to be proud of their daily lifestyle choices. Bamboo grows quickly and is a renewable material, whereas plastic is made from non-renewable petroleum. Everyone needs a toothbrush and this is a simple thing they will use daily and think of your loving gesture. 

For those looking to expand their eco-friendly gift options, consider accessories like women’s organic cotton socks from Q for Quinn or other sustainable brands. These socks not only prioritize environmental responsibility but also offer a cozy and stylish alternative to conventional options. By choosing gifts that align with ethical and sustainable practices, we can collectively make a positive impact on the planet while still enjoying the comfort and style we love.

Plaine Products also makes great gifts. In fact we’ve written a whole post about people who would love a Plaine Products present. Got friends who are always on the go? Our travel size bottles make great gifts for travel lovers. Plaine Products’ hand soap or lotion are great gift ideas for co-workers and bosses. It won’t be something else they have to find space in their house to display.

Good Gifts Can Inspire Others

What other disposable items could you find the eco alternative for? Straws, produce bags, plastic food storage bags, makeup containers, chapstick Ecofriendly wrappingholders, watches, cell phone cases, pens, notebooks…we are just pointing out that everything we use has an ecofriendly alternative and the more we think before we purchase, the more we keep those ethical brands alive.

We wanted to share these other daily living products with you to help you get inspired to give the items that make you feel the best and that are also the best for the planet. Remember, when it comes to gifting we can also try to be ecofriendly with the wrapping. Traditional wrapping paper comes in plastic so it’s great to avoid. We’ve got some fun alternatives to wrapping paper in this post.

We love to share lifestyle choices that are good for everyone. The more we are all aware of companies that operate with sustainability in mind, the better off our whole planet will be! Consider sharing this article on ecofriendly gift ideas with your friends and family. We hope you found it inspiring and useful. 

We are happy to host this guest post by Shannon Yrizarry. Shannon is also an author on She uses her social media to promote a lifestyle that is empowering and sustainable of Instagram at @shannonyrizarry


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