Monthly Archives: February 2020

Women, Sailboats, and a Plastic Exxpedition

We pulled our inflatable dinghy up on the deserted beach off the coast of Panama. No other people, or towns, were around for miles. But instead of white sand beneath the palm trees, we found plastic. Piles of it. Everywhere. Bottles, Crocs, lighters, toothbrushes, packaging, styrofoam floats all carried by the sea. Even amongst the seaweed, […]

Winter Hair Care Tips for Healthier Hair this Winter

The winter months can be hard on hair. Cold, harsh weather and indoor dry air can dry out the hair significantly, leading to brittle hair and even breakage. The effect of dry, cold winter air can lead to dryness, static, frizz, and general dullness of the hair. So, we asked our very own hair expert and head of our Salon Sales, […]