Monthly Archives: January 2020

2020 Goals towards Sustainable Development

We reflected last week on all that we did in 2019. Now we look forward towards our 2020 goals. At Plaine Products we’re striving to be a part of the larger sustainable development movement that’s happening around the world. Since our inception we’ve always placed a huge priority on sustainability. But as we grow, we […]

2019 Plaine Products Reflection: How Far We’ve Come

The Plaine Products’ mission is eliminating single-use plastics. Seeing plastic in the ocean, on the beach, and littering the environment was the push we needed to start paying attention to the issue. Once you start looking around you realize plastic lasts forever. And it’s piling higher and higher every day.  As we’ve learned more about […]

Predictions for Sustainability in 2020

Welcome to 2020! Back in December, we asked our team, our Plaine Promoters, and our Facebook fans to share their predictions for sustainability in 2020. Anything from new products to problems solved, hot media topics to Greta trading her braids for a mohawk.   Our biggest prediction for 2020? Following the growing concerns over single-use plastics […]