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Why We Need To Understand the History of Plastic Before We Can Tackle The Problem

To most effectively tackle a daunting challenge, it’s best to first take a step back and get perspective. Let’s look at the history of plastic to figure out how we got here in the first place. Who invented plastic? Why did plastic become so popular? What are the situations in which plastic is necessary and […]

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated around the world by more than 1 billion people in 192 countries. Each year, on April 22nd, individuals, governments and corporations demonstrate a commitment to protecting our Earth and the life it sustains. There are cleanup events, marches, tree plantings, petition signings, etc. Many people spend time outside to appreciate the […]

Products We Love: Dropps

Plaine Products was so excited to include Dropps, the original laundry detergent pod, in our latest giveaway! We’ve been super impressed with the eco-friendly nature of Dropps in our own homes and they align perfectly with our dedication to eliminating single-use plastics. We asked them to share a little more about themselves so we could get […]

Partner Highlight: Joyful Vegan

Joyful Vegan

Plaine Promoters are individuals who use Plaine Products, love them and want to get others to join in eliminating single-use plastics while enjoying outstanding products. Plaine Promoters spread the word about our products and get 10% from every sale they generate. Our latest Plaine Promoter highlight is Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, aka the Joyful Vegan. Colleen is […]