Monthly Archives: January 2019

How To Nix Plastic From Your Fitness Routine

It’s no surprise that getting fit is the most common New Year’s resolution. What about getting fit with less plastic? Have you tried that one yet? Well, this is the year to eliminate as much plastic as possible from your fitness routine. When you stop to think about it, plastic is everywhere in the exercise […]

Reuse is a Mantra at Plaine Products

At Plaine Products we place a priority on sustainability throughout our company. This means we reuse more than just the bottles. As much as we can we reuse boxes, lids, office supplies and kitchen supplies at work and in our personal lives. Not only does this keep items out of the waste stream for as long […]

Bling: Jewelry for a Better World

We’re always excited to learn about businesses who have taken the reduce, reuse mantra to heart. We’re happy to share this post from Amy Ragsdale who creates sustainable jewelry.  As a jewelry designer for over thirty years, I am aware that the industry has a dirty side.  Occasionally the media is upfront about unethical and […]

What is a B Corporation and why does it matter?

Plaine Products is proud to have been a B Corp since January, 2018. B Corporations are businesses that are certified by B Lab and have confirmed that they are working towards sustainable social and environmental goals. Our mission of reducing single use plastic was a natural fit as B Corp companies work towards reducing inequality […]