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How Effective is Your Recycling?


Recycling is a good thing. It’s always better to reuse than than to toss it straight into the landfill. But like most issues, when you dig into the details, the benefits of recycling are a bit more complicated. So how effective are your recycling efforts? We let you know how many times various materials can […]

Zero Waste Hair Care: Deep Conditioning Treatment & Rinse For Dry/Damaged Hair

Plaine Products is happy to host a guest blog by Zerowastezen on her zero waste hair care routine. It includes recipes for her deep conditioning treatment and a rinse for dry/damaged hair. Enjoy! I used to think that dry and damaged hair was a right of passage. Decades of coloring and heat styling left my fine, […]

Why Our Natural Hand Wash Will Stop Germs & Won’t Dry Your Skin

natural hand wash

It’s no secret that it’s been a scary flu season. One of the easiest preventive measures for avoiding the flu, and other illnesses, is hand washing. But   not all hand washes are created equal.  Plaine Products offers an aloe based hand wash that’s safe for you and your skin! To help out during flu […]

6 Sweet Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day (That Aren’t Wasteful)

Say “Valentine’s Day” and the immediate association is one of disposable delights: The flowers. The card. The candy. Surely there’s a better way to show you care — one that’s not so wasteful (not to mention, expensive). Of course, it’s the thought that counts. But there’s the afterthought to consider as well. Packaging that ends […]