Monthly Archives: August 2017

Zero Waste Week Idea: DIY Toothpaste (it’s not as hard or as crazy as it sounds)

Zero Waste Week is next week! What does that mean? Zero Waste Week is an annual international awareness campaign for reducing the amount of trash we all contribute to landfills. While the concept of Zero Waste may seem a little overwhelming, there are lots of easy ways to reduce your trash. We’ve highlighted some in […]

Social Entrepreneurship: Plaine Products Podcast

In August 2017 I had the pleasure of speaking with Tony Loyd, host of the Social Entrepreneurship about Plaine Product’s origins, roadblocks along the way and where we’re headed from here. You can listen to the Plaine Products podcast on his site here! You can also list on Sound Cloud, Stitcher, and iTunes (the episode titled Product Packaging […]

5 Ideas for a More Sustainable School Lunch

As summer ends, kids are heading back to school.  School lunches can involve a lot of single use plastic, but we’ve got some easy ideas to make for a more sustainable school lunch. We’d love to know what environmentally friendly choices you’ve made for your kid’s lunch their year, or for your lunch! Send us […]