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Sailing the Atlantic Searching for Oceanic Plastic

Guest post from a family friend whose experience detailed below was part of the inspiration for Plaine Product’s creation! Growing up in The Bahamas I have always had a deep love of the outdoors and especially of the ocean. In my lifetime, plastic on beaches has always been a typical part of the landscape. Even though […]

Why Plaine Products and Plastic

Make a Difference, Choose to reuse, Plaine Products

I am starting a business, Plaine Products, but for me it’s not about the selling, it’s about the mission. It starts with all natural shampoo, conditioner and body wash in bottles that can be returned and refilled. Who knows where it will end? Why start Plaine Products and take on plastic as an issue? Did […]

Plastic Bags Are Hurting More Than The Environment

Plastic bags, they’re everywhere. About 100 billion are used in United States every year. New York City is responsible for 5.2 billion of that count; Tempe, Arizona contributes 50 million. These mundane conveniences that you probably have stuffed in a drawer or under your sink are also the focal point of an ongoing battle. That’s […]