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2017 Eco Resolution Reached! Thank you!

At the beginning of 2017, and the opening of our business, we set the ambitious eco resolution to keep 10,000 plastic bottles out of landfills. I’m more than delighted to say, thanks to your overwhelming support, we did it! We’re not even to the end of 2017 and already we’ve kept more than 10,000 plastic bottles away from landfills and out of our oceans by providing a reusable, sustainable alternative!

Created by @zerowasteguru

Keeping single use plastic out of the landfills and our oceans is at the heart of Plaine Products’ mission. As lovers of the sea, both my sister and I were horrified when we read there could be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050. Working in the environmental education field in The Bahamas I saw the truth that plastic never goes away. As a by-product of refining oil, plastic is so cheap and so convenient that we’ve created a problem. It’s everywhere and it’s designed to last forever. While that’s helpful in buildings, cars and major infrastructure, it doesn’t make sense for single use products!

We started Plaine Products to provide an easy, convenient alternative to single use plastic and then worked for two years to make sure the products lived up to the packaging.  Our vegan hair and body products are toxin free and biodegradable, so we don’t cause other environmental problems further down the line!

In addition, we work hard to encourage people to consider other purchases they make and daily actions they can take to further reduce plastic and waste in the world. We love hearing from you about changes you’ve made! We plan on continuing to raise awareness about the effect our actions have on the planet. Our motto is Progress, Not Perfection, and we hope everyone can take another step towards using less plastic in the new year.

Thank you!

We are so grateful, we could not have reached our eco resolution goal and had such a fantastic first year without you! From sharing pictures of our bottles on-line, following us on social media, to telling your friends and family, a small company grows from word of mouth. Thank you for helping us reach our goal and ensure less plastic on our planet!


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